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Jul 24, 2014

Still Putting a Bird On It

I'm a Portlandia fan, so whenever I see bird-related decor or accessories, immediately I think, "Put a Bird on it!" The zenith of putting a bird on things is probably a few years behind us, but lately I've been seeing a bit of a resurgence. As a person who never shies away from a good print or animal motif, I love it, especially since the birds most in favor right now have more of a colorful, tropical vibe than in the past. Here are a few standouts that caught my eye.

Jul 23, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Lizzie Caplan as Virginia Johnson in "Masters of Sex"

Showtime's "Masters of Sex" has begun it's second season, which means viewers are in for lots of drama, great 50's style, and of course, sex. And while the sex can definitely be inspirational, today we are focusing on the style. Specifically that of lead character Virginia Johnson, played by Mean Girls and Party Down alum Lizzie Caplan.

Jul 22, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY: Painted Flower Pots

I had to make a trip to Walmart over the weekend, a place I only go whenever I need such a variety of things that no other store will likely have them all. Because I don't shop at Walmart very often, I like to make it count by visiting every department when I do go. On this occasion, a stop at the garden center revealed a real steal: clay terra cotta pots for a dollar. The rims of the pots were a little scratched up, but I'd been looking for a way to use some Pantone Radiant Orchid paint my husband bought for me a while back. I thought a radiant orchid rim would really pop against the terra cotta. I also had some letter stencils left over from Samantha's baby shower that I could use to personalize the pots for a few friends. Just like that an idea for a DIY was born. All together I spent less than five dollars and two hours to complete this project, and I think the pots turned out super cute!

Jul 21, 2014

Fall Fantasy: Swacket Dressing

It hasn't been the hottest summer on record, or even close, but I still find myself fantasizing about my fall wardrobe. My favorite fall essential has to be the oversize cardigan sweater, or "swacket." While I was doing some online window shopping (it's my fashion equivalent of fantasy baseball), I discovered  LUISVIAROMA, a luxury online retailer.

Jul 18, 2014

Tee Shirt Dresses: Comfortably Chic

There are very few items of clothing more comfortable than a tee-shirt dress. In fact I can't think of any. Lately comfort has been a priority in my attire, not to mention washability and easy access. To me the tee-shirt dress embodies all three of these qualities in a neat, no-frills package. Every gal should have one. Or five. Here are nine of my favorites you can buy now:

Jul 17, 2014

Summer Bargain Bin

It's mid-July, and that means it's time for some sizzlin' summer sales. There's a lot of great stuff out there right now, so much that I couldn't fit it all in one collage!

Jul 16, 2014

Test Drive: Mint Julep "Diana Sandal"

As I told you last Friday, I am a huge fan of using a fun leopard print shoe to sass up an otherwise ordinary outfit. Yesterday I teamed up with Mint Julep to make it happen. It was a beautiful, albeit windy day, so Forest Park seemed like a perfect spot for a quick photo shoot. It also made for a lovely walk with James and Lola.

Jul 15, 2014

Melon Agua Fresca

Lately, at Schnucks, my local grocery, they’ve had these amazing melons called Honey Kiss, Summer Kiss, and Sugar Kiss. They resemble and taste like cantaloupes, but are a bit sweeter and juicier. While eating a one of these delicious melons it dawned on me that it would make a fantastic drink, so I decided to use them in an agua fresca (“fresh water” in Spanish). Agua fresca is one of the most refreshing beverages around, perfect for the hot summer weather we’ve been having lately. It might sound foreign, but it is really one of the easiest things to make at home.

Jul 14, 2014

Pucker Up: Seven Summer Lipsticks

Summer time heat is not always kind to your carefully applied makeup, not to mention the fact that you probably don't even feel like putting any makeup on that sweaty mug in the first place. So why not take a cue from celebrities like Miley Cyrus (say what you will, but the girl has her beauty game on lockdown) and ditch the full face of makeup for a great pair of sunglasses and a statement lip?

Jul 11, 2014

Wardrobe Staple: Leopard Print Kicks

There are very few things that can make an outfit "pop" like a pair of leopard printed shoes. Whether you are wearing slip-ons or stilettos, a sassy leopard print is the perfect way finish a casual-chic look. Pair them with your boyfriend jeans and a simple white tee for a look that is instantly cool, a la Madewell, or throw them on with your favorite LBD to give it some personality.

Read on to find our favorite leopard print shoe styles you will want to wear year-round.