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Aug 29, 2014

Weekend Beauty Roundup

Ah, Labor Day Weekend, the last hurrah of summer. Time to take that last road trip or stay in town and BBQ it up right. Either way, you want to look good. To help you look your best, we have rounded up some of our favorite beauty links to help you in the process. Read on to find out how to create the perfect cat-eye, how to perfect your "bare face," and more!

Aug 28, 2014

Italian Pasta Salad

This pasta salad was one of my favorite things my mom made whenever I was a kid. I don’t know if she intentionally made it to sneak more veggies into my diet, but it worked because when I tried to just eat the stuff I really liked (the pepperoni, cheese, and pasta) some veggies always inadvertently got in there as well. Nowadays, I probably like the vegetables just as much, if not more than the meat and cheese.This recipe makes a ton of salad, so it’s the perfect side for any Labor Day barbecues you might be attending. No worries if you don't eat it all the first time around; it's even better the second day!

Aug 27, 2014

Saint Louis Magazine Fall Fashion Spread

Hello all, last month I had the pleasure of helping Style Editor Helene Sayad and Stylist Annie Heyward pull and style looks for Saint Louis Magazine's Fall Fashion Issue. I had such a great time working with these talented women, and I can't thank Helene enough for involving me in the process. Well, the issue is now on the stands and it looks great. I thought I would share with you some images from the spread:

Aug 26, 2014

BombPop's Picks for Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmys

We're at it again! Identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly at the fashion event of the year for actors on the small screen. And really, who doesn't want to act on the small screen these days? It's the new golden age of television, but is it the golden age of fashion at television awards shows? Read on to find out.


Aug 25, 2014

Bombpop's Picks for Best and Worst Dressed at the VMAs

Well, the MTV Video Music Awards were last night, and let's just say there were some questionable choices making their way down the red carpet. The VMAs have always had a more relaxed attitude, giving artists some latitude when it comes to wardrobe decisions. This year was no different, making for a super fun red carpet experience, and giving Leah and I tons of options for both best and worst dressed of the evening.

Read on to see who did it right and who done gone crazy:

Aug 22, 2014

Fun Shelf Styling Ideas

I have a lot of books, like a ton. Accordingly, I have many book shelves on which to keep them. Recently, my mother gave me two of her beautiful library-style book shelves with glass doors, and for once in my life I have more shelving than books. This is great because I also have a lot of tchotchkes, those random knick-knacks we women (and fellas) tend to accumulate. Now the question is how to style the books and baubles together in a way that is pleasing to the eye, yet sensible to those perusing my library.
Oh Happy Day

Aug 21, 2014

The Bag That Goes With Everything

I've been searching for a new casual purse for fall, once again on the hunt for the elusive bag that goes with everything. Sure, sometimes it's fun to plan out an outfit with carefully matched accessories, but most of the time when I'm getting ready to go out I'm running around like there's a fire that needs to be put out and I really don't want to spend an extra couple of minutes transferring all my stuff from one purse to another. The thing is, I've already found the perfect bag. It's black and white with brown faux leather accents, can be worn multiple ways, and is in my price range. Unfortunately, my sister already owns it. Rather than blatantly copying her and buying the same thing (though I have done that before), I've been on the hunt for a black and brown, goes-with-everything bag of my own.

The bag that inspired this post from Sole Society.

Aug 20, 2014

Spotlight: Cream Eyeshadow

Having a seven week old baby has made me seriously rethink my makeup routine. Right now I am still at home on maternity leave, so most days I go without makeup entirely. Let me just tell you this does not do wonders for my self esteem. I find that when I force myself to eek out a moment to do just a little something, I feel a thousand times better about my appearance and that has a positive effect on the rest of my day. Needless to say, this does not involve a full face of makeup, not even a half-face, really. Aint nobody got time for that. What I need is a quick fix that offers dramatic results in 30 seconds or less. Enter cream eyeshadow.

Aug 19, 2014

St. Louis Cragslist Finds

It's the time of year when students are heading back to college, which reminds me of how I used to struggle with decorating a new dorm room or apartment on a very limited budget whenever I was still in school. All vintage furniture lovers are are in luck in STL because the Craigslist pickings are far from meagre in our city. Check out some of my recent decor and furniture finds below.

Aug 18, 2014

Metal Head

Like a raccoon I am attracted to anything shiny, and right now I am craving fun pieces that add interest to my summer-to-fall looks. Luckily, I can add fun pieces to my wardrobe and get my shimmer fix at the same time with these great metallic finds. Try adding metallics to your wardrobe to transition those great summer pieces into fall. I know I will.